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Through PR and marketing content, I’ve helped plenty of brands discover and showcase theirs.
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A few previous customers

 And an idea of how I worked with them.
I put together a series of transcriptions and story content as part of UHRP’s efforts to publicise the patterns of abuse being suffered by Uyghur people. This content built on live interviews with Uyghur individuals, and a translator.
As part of Element’s fundraising work, I helped them articulate the importance of their work by speaking to their community and then creating a series of emotive case studies.
I helped the Day One Trust put the voice of their pupils at the heart of their new vision, through a series of in-depth interviews and then the creation of video and written content.
Through film and written content, I helped The Girls’ Network gather the stories and case studies they needed to begin engaging with new stakeholders in the West Midlands.
I provided a series of training events to members of the Fair Education Alliance about the power of great stories, and the most effective ways of putting stories at the heart of their work.