Fair Education Alliance

The Fair Education Alliance is a coalition of over 160 organisations working to end educational inequality. Speak to any of their members, and it’s clear that this is a coalition that really matters. That’s why we’ve been delighted to work with the Alliance on several occasions.

Media training

The first time we worked with the Alliance, was by providing media training to their co-CEO, Sam Butters – ahead of an interview that she’d been asked to be involved with, for Sky News.

Straight away, it was very clear that Sam knew her stuff. She was engaging and genuinely passionate about making sure that children from poorer backgrounds were getting the chances in life they deserved. But Sam worried that what she had to say wasn’t immediately clear.

Our training helped Sam quickly understand the value of storytelling and how she could use some of her actual experiences in schools to better get her message across. At the same time, we offered a series of quick takeaways – including the idea that Sam should imagine herself talking to friends and family who weren’t as familiar with the education sector.

Our story-led media training meant that Sam came away from her interview satisfied that she had got a much clearer message across to audiences – and not just those within the education sector.

Our training has since helped Sam put stories at the heart of her more recent work too – including presentations, meetings and other news interviews. She recently told us that her focus on stories has resulted in much greater feedback from audiences compared to how things were before we worked together.

Helping members communicate their stories

More recently, we were involved in a series of workshops with the Alliance and their members.

We were asked to present a session about the way that organisations can effectively put story at the heart of their brand. By bringing together theory and concrete examples of brands that had successfully put stories at the heart of their work, we developed an interactive session that got people to think about the ways that they should be telling the story of what they do.

And it turns out we did pretty well too – the session we ran was described the audience as witty and authentic! It was just a shame that Zoom crashed near the end.

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