Element are a wonderful charity that provides care leavers with opportunities to develop their creative identities. But by their own admission, the team at Element sometimes find it difficult to articulate the change and skills that participants develop through their projects.

As part of their fundraising work, I helped them overcome these challenges, by producing a series of written case studies.

To do this, I began by proposing a narrative and set of themes that could be used in any story and case study content. This was designed in a way that would showcase the impact of Element, while not exploiting the difficult circumstances that some of their community had gone through.

I was then able to start arranging interviews with participants from Element. Building on the narrative I had developed with the team at Element, I encouraged the participants to take the lead in these conversations, with a few prompts to make sure that the conversations weren’t straying too far from the intended narrative. Because I’d also taken the time to build trust with the participants, I was able to have an open and meaningful conversation with the participants – touching on their background, the points that had led them to work with Element, and the change that they had seen in themselves.

The result was a series of written case studies. These brought together a variety of endearing anecdotes and prose that the team at Element were delighted with. This work has already helped them overcome the challenges they face when trying to articulate the change and skills that participants develop through their projects – and is now a central part of their fundraising efforts.

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…I’d always looked forward to the independence of not being in care, so it surprised me how lonely I soon felt. Because all of a sudden, it was just me…By the end [of working with Element], I’d gained a new perspective. I’d been able to slow things down while trying something new”
– Ash, Element participant
…when I turned 18, all of the support I’d had just disappeared. That led to a very stressful time in my life, just as I was moving into a hostel by myself while trying to find work… [Element] became therapy for me… best of all, I got to meet those that had come from a similar background to me. That allowed all of us to understand ourselves more, as we could resonate with one another’s stories.”
– Ben, Element participant